10 Braces Myths You Need to Know

We all use Google from time to time, but the Internet can be a dangerous place when you’re searching for information about orthodontics. With so many myths about braces lurking around, it can be hard to sort fact from fiction. 

If you’re on the hunt for a straighter, happier smile, you’ve come to the right place. The RiverView Orthodontics team is here to bust these top myths about braces, so you can have all the facts you need to get started. 

Myth: Braces are super painful

Fact: Modern braces are much more comfortable. 

Over the years, advancements in orthodontic procedures have allowed us to make the process of straightening your teeth much more comfortable than in the past. Although you may experience some slight soreness or irritation following each appointment, this feeling is only temporary! Dr. Upton can recommend a few things to help relieve this discomfort (including orthodontic wax, medication, or a warm compress), but be sure to ask your orthodontic team about other ways to reduce soreness. Most of all, rest easy knowing that braces do not cause long-term or excessive pain. 

Myth: Braces take years to show results

Fact: Treatment times vary depending on your needs. 

While it is certainly possible that braces may take a few years to correct your alignment, it is not true that this is the only forecast for straight teeth. Each individual requires a different treatment plan depending on a variety of factors, including the severity of their case, appliances used, desired outcomes, and response to treatment. Patients can expect their braces to last between 12-36 months, but most cases are on the shorter side of this range.

The best news of all is that no matter the duration of your treatment plan, you will begin to see improvements relatively quickly! Now, what could be more satisfying than watching your smile realign in the mirror?

Myth: Dentists can provide orthodontic treatment

Fact: Only a trained orthodontist should straighten your teeth. 

Just like in any other area of medicine, orthodontists specialize in our own particular area of oral health. While dentists do an amazing job taking care of our teeth by keeping them clean and healthy, orthodontists are specifically trained to shift your smile in gear. 

And don’t worry! The RiverView Orthodontics team prides itself on our dedication to total oral health by communicating with our referring dentists regarding our mutual patients. You can view us as a team working together for your smile!

Myth: Braces are only for straightening smiles

Fact: Braces have many more benefits than just aesthetics. 

Although a straight smile is often the first thing that comes to mind when considering getting braces, there are actually multiple reasons a trip to the orthodontist might improve your oral health. Like a domino effect, the health of your teeth often impacts your overall health, and a misaligned jaw or malocclusion could lead to difficulty with speech, digestion, and even breathing. Braces help address these issues, making sure that you are at your healthiest. 

10 Braces Myths You Need To Know

Myth: Only teens wear braces

Fact: Braces are designed to work for all age groups. 

One of the biggest braces myths of all is that braces are made only for middle school or high school kids, which makes us sure that the success of adult braces is the world’s best-kept secret! We want to share that secret with you: adult braces are not only practical, but they are far more common than most people think! In fact, about 1 in 5 orthodontic patients are over the age of 18! 

Myth: Braces are extremely expensive

Fact: Payment plans make braces an affordable reality. 

At RiverView Orthodontics, we do everything we can to make our treatment affordable because we’d love the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our competitive pricing and flexible payment options allow us to work with your budget to create a customized payment plan so that orthodontic treatment is well within your means. We accept a wide range of insurance plans and even offer a COMPLIMENTARY consultation so that you can get started with your smile journey on the right foot. 

Myth: Braces aren’t cute

Fact: Modern braces are much more aesthetically pleasing. 

Although many people view braces as a cosmetic treatment, one of the most common fears patients have about getting braces is that the appliances used will make your smile unattractive while you are waiting for the big reveal at the end. Fortunately, braces have come a long way in recent years! Not only do brackets and wires have smaller, less obstructive designs than they used to, but our team at RiverView Orthodontics also offers clear ceramic braces as well. 

Myth: Braces are the only way to straighten your teeth

Fact: There is a treatment option for everyone. 

Each individual has their own set of needs and desired outcomes when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Luckily, there are options to suit them all! While the traditional wire-and-bracket braces are usually the first that come to mind, Dr. Upton also offers Invisalign clear aligners that work to effectively reach your smile goals. Be sure to ask about your treatment options when you join us for your free consultation.

Myth: My smile will last forever after treatment

Fact: Your smile can last forever, but you have to wear your retainer as directed. 

Ever heard the age-old orthodontic warning, “Don’t forget to wear your retainer!”? Most of us have. That is because braces are not permanent solutions for keeping your teeth in line. In fact, your teeth may begin to shift just days after your braces are removed! Dr. Upton recommends wearing your retainer regularly and keeping up with follow-up visits to maintain your results. 

Myth: Braces will keep me from playing my favorite sport or instrument

Fact: You don’t have to sacrifice your hobbies for orthodontic treatment. 

Are you worried that you won’t be able to participate in the woodwind section of your school band or that you’ll be missing out on significant practice for your high school football career? You can breathe a sigh of relief – this one is a myth! There is usually an adjustment period while you get used to playing your instrument with a new set of braces, but once you feel comfortable, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting back into the swing of things! As for sports practice, just wear a mouthguard, and you’re good to go.

10 Braces Myths You Need To Know

Fact: You’ll Love Your RiverView Orthodontics Smile

Our RiverView Orthodontics team in Tuscaloosa and Demopolis have years of experience making Florida smile. Schedule your free consultation today to find out which plan is right for you! Whether you want traditional metal braces or Invisalign, we’ve got you covered.