Can Adults Get Braces?

Are you interested in working on your smile but aren’t sure what your options are? You’ve landed on the perfect blog! At RiverView Orthodontics, we provide comprehensive orthodontic treatment for adult patients. We are committed to making your smile journey a straightforward and easy experience. Our team is here to answer your questions, such as whether adults can get braces, if treatment is different for adults, and the benefits of straight teeth. 


It’s Never Too Late For Treatment

Good news: you can receive orthodontic treatment as an adult! Some believe that braces can only be worn when you are a child or teen, but over a quarter of all orthodontic patients are actually adults. Some of our current patients were not given the opportunity to get braces while still in school or simply didn’t need any care at the time. RiverView Orthodontics can provide the same expert-level results teenagers enjoy for adults. 

Though treatment may take additional time, know that your smile goals are entirely attainable. By working with our friendly and knowledgeable team, we can discuss your options and determine your most efficient path!


Your Treatment Options

Metal Braces

A tried-and-true modern appliance, you can rely on metal braces to resolve any orthodontic issue. We no longer use the bulky brackets and thick wires you may remember seeing years ago. Metal braces are now smaller, lighter, and more comfortable. Metal braces place constant slight pressure on your teeth over a long period of time to shift your teeth into the perfect position. They are an excellent choice for any age patient and provide effective results that last a lifetime. 

Clear Braces

Clear ceramic braces are a hybrid choice between Invisalign clear aligners and modern metal braces. They allow you the subtle, nearly invisible look of aligners paired with the reliable effectiveness of conventional braces. The tooth-colored brackets are glued onto your teeth and connected by an archwire. Clear braces work well for overcrowding, bite issues, and crooked teeth. 

Though a more costly option than metal braces, they are an excellent choice for adults as they allow you to continue your everyday routines as normal as well as benefit from the aesthetics, making it almost impossible to notice you are getting treatment done. 

How Long Can I Expect To Be In Braces?

Treatment length changes with each patient and is calculated by a few factors, including the current position of your teeth, the appliance you choose, and the work you want to accomplish. While many keep their braces on for about one to three years, your treatment could be shorter or longer. 

When you come in for your free consultation, and we know more about your teeth, Dr. Upton can provide you with a more thorough understanding of your oral needs and how long treatment will take.


Can Adults Get Braces?

Benefits of Receiving Care as an Adult

Revamp Your Confidence

Upon realigning your smile, braces have the power to grant a new wave of confidence among patients. The correlation between self-esteem and dental health is quite strong. A perfect smile can encourage you to express happiness more often with friends and family. It can even have positive effects on your professional career, as grinning with aligned teeth can make you appear more trustworthy. Nothing makes our team happier than removing a patient’s braces and seeing the immediate change!

Easier Everyday Oral Care Maintenance

Braces treatment removes the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth when brushing and flossing, allowing for easier everyday oral care. Small pieces of food have fewer places to get stuck after a meal and are less likely to cause complications, such as bacteria and tooth decay. Aligned teeth set you up for long-term success with a solid foundation that helps you keep your original permanent teeth as long as possible.

Stronger Everyday Functionality

Not only does a brand-new smile look amazing, but it also provides amazing health benefits. A straightened smile supports strong biting and chewing, allowing you to properly break down your meals into bite-sized pieces. This prevents your stomach and intestine from working too hard during digestion and causing stomachaches. Braces treatment can protect from gum disease and eliminate speech issues.

Enhanced Sleeping Experience

When teeth are misaligned, your teeth’ position may cause your mouth to stay open through the night, causing mouth breathing. After braces treatment, you can comfortably keep your mouth closed, allowing for the healthier alternative of breathing through your nose. This way, bacteria cannot build up from having a dry mouth. 

The hairs in your nose can filter out dust and allergens from the air you breathe in, thus making it more pure. Straightened teeth allow nose breathing to come naturally and enable you to sleep comfortably, avoiding a sore throat or fatigue in the morning. 


Can Adults Get Braces?

Start Your Smile Journey Today!

We hope this short guide has made starting the braces process more accessible as an adult. If you have any questions about the process or which treatment option is best for you, schedule a free consultation with Dr. Upton! He and our team can provide all the details you need to start treatment and address any concerns. RiverView Orthodontics offers expert orthodontic care to Tuscaloosa, Demopolis, and the surrounding communities. We can’t wait to meet you!