How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

Are you dealing with bite issues and trying to figure out how to fix them? You’ve landed on the perfect blog! RiverView Orthodontics can improve your bite with easy treatment options, no matter your age or the condition of your teeth. Dr. Upton and our knowledgeable team will set you up for success! Read on to learn about bite complications, orthodontics’ role in resolving them, and what appliances may be best for you.


An Overview of Bite Issues

When bite complications arise, your upper and lower teeth do not fit together, leading to misalignment issues, such as crowded, crooked, and incorrectly spaced teeth. Bad bites are a common orthodontic concern that patients come into our practice to resolve. The RiverView Orthodontics team has the expertise and resources to fix your bite with straightforward care.

Orthodontic treatment positions your upper teeth just over your lower teeth to help manage proper bite and chewing function. Dr. Upton will address functional and aesthetic concerns so you can achieve the smile you deserve at the end of treatment. He creates unique treatment plans for each patient for an efficient timeframe and confidence in our care.

When Should Treatment Start?

Bite issues can develop at any age. Leaving an overbite or underbite untreated can lead to adverse health concerns later in life, such as jaw pain, chewing complications, speech issues, and a loss of confidence from being afraid to show off your smile. Dr. Upton recommends taking action as soon as you notice signs of a bite issue or bringing in your child early so we can track their orthodontic health.


Types of Bite Issues

A bad bite can take many forms, though there are seven main types. A crossbite is when the upper teeth fit inside of your lower teeth. An overbite is when your upper front teeth lie past your lower front teeth. An underbite is the opposite, where your lower front teeth sit past the upper. 

Gapped teeth refer to those with too much space between them. Crowding refers to teeth with too little space to grow or function properly. Finally, a deep bite is when the upper teeth completely hide the lower teeth, while an open bite is the opposite, where there is space for your tongue to stick out between your teeth when your mouth is closed. 

During your free consultation, Dr. Upton can diagnose your bite complication and suggest the best treatment.


Signs You May Have a Bad Bite

As bad bites progress, they become quickly recognizable visually. However, there are some early signs Dr. Upton can make you aware of that you may not connect directly to malocclusion. Below is a list of common indications:

  • Difficulty Chewing: your teeth may be unable to chew food into bite-sized pieces for proper digestion
  • Everyday Wear and Tear: uneven teeth placement can cause certain areas of your mouth to wear down from daily actions like chewing
  • TMJ Complications: excessive pressure placed in the jaw area, misaligning your teeth and sometimes even causing migraines
  • Unable to Completely Close Mouth: the lower jaw sticking out further than may prevent your lips from closing your mouth all the way
  • Speech Issues: the natural placement of your tongue may cause you to mispronounce or be unable to pronounce certain words or sounds

Not every sign must present to be diagnosed with a bad bite. Some are also indications of other orthodontic issues. However, if you recognize any of them in your everyday life, we recommend scheduling your free consultation with Dr. Upton so he can help you determine what steps to take next.


How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

The Role of Orthodontics 

Dr. Upton and other orthodontists diagnose, prevent, and treat irregularities related to teeth and jaws, including bite issues. Through our practice’s expert services, orthodontics provides easy, straightforward treatment to help you achieve your smile goals. No matter the condition of your teeth, there are many ways to realign them at any point in your life, such as braces and clear aligners.

Visually, the most apparent benefit of resolving bite issues is the beautiful smile you enjoy after orthodontic treatment. Our team loves seeing first-hand the boost in confidence our patients feel at the end of their care plan. Not only will your smile look great, but your general health will improve as well, including experiencing smoother digestion, simpler everyday oral maintenance, and enhanced speech patterns.


Your Orthodontic Treatment Options

Metal Braces

The most recognizable orthodontics symbol is metal braces, a tried-and-true appliance that provides efficient and reliable results. This traditional choice has treated countless patients and continues to advance each year, making it a comfortable choice you can rely on. Metal braces shift your teeth using constant slight pressure placed in different directions over a long period. 

Clear Braces

Using the same technology as their metal counterpart, clear braces are known for their aesthetic appeal and nearly invisible appearance. They use tooth-colored ceramic brackets and other components that blend in with your smile, so you don’t have to worry about its appearance throughout treatment. Thanks to orthodontic advancements, clear braces are also stain-resistant, allowing patients to continue eating and drinking dark liquids without fear of their appliance changing colors.


Invisalign is an excellent option for those looking to work on their teeth without a prominent appearance. We provide you with a series of clear trays you switch out every two weeks as your teeth shift into the next tray. They must be worn for at least 22 hours daily to stay on track with treatment. No brackets or wires are involved in this care option, so you don’t need to worry about food restrictions or taking extra steps during daily oral health care routines!


How Can Orthodontics Fix Your Bite?

Pursue the Smile You Deserve!

At RiverView Orthodontics, we fit the individual needs of each patient to create a comfortable and straightforward experience. We provide free consultations with Dr. Upton at our Tuscaloosa practice and proudly serve the surrounding communities. This is the perfect time to help you better understand your orthodontic needs and how we can help you fix them. Take the first step by scheduling yours today!