What is Cosmetic Orthodontics

Have you been wanting orthodontics to improve your smile and confidence? Well, why not look good while doing it?! At Riverview Orthodontics, we have been straightening smiles and boosting confidence for our patients for years. We are proud to give our patients more treatment options so that they can get straighter teeth on their own terms and feel good while doing it. 

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Why Opt for Cosmetic Orthodontics?

There are so many different ways to get straighter teeth these days. To some people, it’s important that they look and feel confident about their teeth throughout the process. To these people, we recommend cosmetic orthodontics, a type of orthodontic care that focuses on how you look during and after treatment.

Bulky, flashy braces are one of the reasons so many teens and adults are nervous about getting orthodontic treatment. They don’t want braces to distract or create the wrong first impressions in their social or work lives. Thankfully, orthodontics has grown and changed so much over the years that there are many options to choose from, some of them more discreet than others.

Cosmetic vs. Functional Orthodontics

At the end of the day, orthodontic treatment will come down to each person’s unique orthodontics needs and preferred cosmetic approach. Some people have severely rotated teeth, missing teeth with large gaps, or severe bite problems called malocclusions. With overbites, underbites, and crossbites, functional orthodontics becomes more of a priority to solve these challenges. The solution sometimes necessitates braces and other interventions. 

At Riverview Orthodontics we always want our patients to feel capable of choosing a treatment plan that works for their treatment and cosmetic goals. That’s why we offer multiple treatment options that work for all kinds of people with different orthodontic and cosmetic needs! Let’s get into a few of the different options below. 

Cosmetic Treatment options

Metal Braces

While metal braces fall into more of the functional category of orthodontics, they are a great choice for some people! Metal braces are a classic for a reason–because they are so effective at getting the transformational results that our patients need. Depending on the circumstances, we might pair metal braces with other assistive devices like rubber bands, palatial expanders, and more. 

Metal braces are made up of metal bracks and wires that are secured onto each individual tooth, and then connected to each other through the wires. This creates resistance, slowly pulling teeth into alignment. As mentioned above, this is a really useful method when dealing with large gaps, crowded teeth, severe rotation, and other issues. 

Clear Braces

Thankfully, there is a more cosmetic option for braces! Clear braces are a great choice for adults and teens who need the aligning power of brackets and wires but in a much more discreet form. Clear braces are actually made out of a tooth-colored ceramic that blends into your mouth while still aligning your teeth effectively.

When considering ceramic braces, consider a few factors to see if they are right for you. Because they are made out of ceramic and not metal, they are not quite as strong and require you to be strict in avoiding sticky and crunchy foods that can break them. They also stain more easily than other orthodontic options and require regular, thorough cleaning to prevent and avoid staining. 

All things considered, clear braces are a wonderful cosmetic option for many people, and Dr. Mike Upton is happy to recommend them to many of his patients.

Invisalign Aligners

Over the past 20 years, Invisalign has become an increasingly popular orthodontic option that is extremely cosmetically appealing as they are nearly invisible! Invisalign works by wearing a series of clear plastic retainers over the course of a week or two that slowly shift teeth into alignment. 

Though people used to consider Invisalign as a really expensive option that only worked for minor issues, that is no longer the case! Invisalign is approximately the same cost as other orthodontic treatments and can help patients shift their teeth in more significant ways than before. And since there are no brackets or wires involved, it’s easy to clean and maintain along with the bonus of being so discreet. 

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